Actual Child Birth Video

I love this actual child birth video. Why? Because it shows the perfectly normal process of birth. More over, my second birth was as fast and easy as this one. Just as the mother featured in the news, the whole birth experience of my daughter Yana from the first contraction which woke me up to the moment the baby was in my hands and breastfeeding was 2 hours. So I can see how this is what birth can be for any woman.

In this actual child birth video, the baby came out with the breaking of the water and was unexpected. Still, I am sure the mother was perfectly calm and allowing this birth to happen. Consciously, or unconsciously, we are guiding our birth experience and creating our reality with any thought we have.

This actual child birth video proves how beautiful and natural birth is and how our body is perfectly fit to have quick and painless births. This accidental actual child birth video is worth viewing by thousands, because it gives reassurance to every woman that birth is just like any other body function and our bodies are created to make it. Birth is not something that needs medical intervention and treatment as if pregnancy is a disease, which needs to be ended in hospital.

I know that you might say: "But, this is an exception. She was lucky. Not every woman is so lucky. Besides, it was very dangerous to give birth at home in the toilet. What if the baby drowned?"

Well, let's start with your last question. The baby could not possibly drown, because the umbilical cord was not cut and the placenta was not expelled yet. So the source of oxygen and nutrition, which supported the baby's life in the womb, is still there to support it. That is why water births are safe. The baby's breathing has not initiated under water and it takes oxygen rich blood from the placenta. Giving birth in the toilet might not be the best chosen place, but the baby could be only slightly bruised in case it tumbles on the toilet's walls, otherwise it is quite well equipped to survive in this water environment, without breathing or swallowing anything from the surroundings.

As for the luck, I believe that this was not an accident. The mother was consciously or unconsciously ready exactly for this birth. When I told my story to a friend, she repeated again and again "You were very lucky!" I knew that this was the birth I expected. I thought that birth should not be longer than 30 minutes and it is like going to the toilet. As I thought, so the actual birth proceeded. Women can have a very easy and enjoyable birth if they believe so.

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