Cervical Mucus in Early Pregnancy

Cervical mucus in early pregnancy -- can this tell if you are pregnant? Not indeed. It is very tempting to rely back on a sure sign for your ovulation, to tell you if you are pregnant, but cervical mucus varies from woman to woman and often from cycle to cycle. You might hope to have a sign of pregnancy by the same method you had a sign of your approaching ovulation, however, it is not as reliable.

Cervical mucus in early pregnancy can be very similar to the discharge you might get just before menstruation. The truth is, however, that during pregnancy vaginal discharge does change. If the cervical mucus after ovulation is dry and breaks, the cervical mucus in early pregnancy is plenty and still stretchy, white/yellowish or creamy. The confusion comes from the fact that you can have abundant vaginal discharge just before the first day of your cycle.

There is a possibility that there is light bleeding, a pink or dark brown tinted spotting in the vaginal discharge when you are pregnant. I had a brown spotting with my first pregnancy and a pink one with my second pregnancy. This is implantation bleeding, and if you are not having a period, but just this bleeding which stops the next day, you might be pregnant. Yet, in just a few days, you will be able to check and know for sure. You better not try to predict whether you are pregnant or not, checking your cervical mucus.

In my case, after ovulation I am usually dry, just as the first days after the period. When I wa pregnant, there was snotty like discharge and the cervical mucus I had was still slippery, stretchy and plenty days after the ovulation. During my three pregnancies, the cervical mucus in the months I got pregnant was like the ovulation one, but more milky like than egg white like. Still, I realize this cannot be a guarantee that you are pregnant.

Even if your periods are like clockwork, there might be reasons like stress, traveling or anything else which can cause changes. Also, be aware that if you have an odorless, whitish discharge that is causing discomfort, some pain or itching when you urinate or have intercourse, if there is any soreness or burning, this can be a vaginal discharge related to infection, and it is better to call your doctor. It could be a sign of yeast infection.

If the discharge is yellow or green and has a fishy smell after sex or urination, there might be a different kind of vaginal infection -- bacterial vaginosis.

Another sexually transmitted infection is trichomoniasis. The discharge is yellow or green, frothy with unpleasant smell. There can be a red, irritated or itchy vulva or vagina and discomfort while urinating or during intercourse.

If the discharge is foul-smelling, or yellow, green, gray or frothy, this can be a kind of infection. do not try to treat yourself with over-the-counter medications. It is important to have a diagnosis and have an appropriate treatment.

If the discharge is not due to infection, but is really related to early pregnancy, do not use tampons during pregnancy to stop it, you might use a pad. It will regulate itself with time and become more comfortable.

To keep your genital area healthy, it is important to wash regularly, wipe from front to back and change your underwear regularly and wear cotton underwear. Avoid tight pants, soap and scented pads, as well as scented toilet paper, feminine hygiene sprays, and scented soaps. Do not douche, as douching can upset the normal vaginal flora and increase your risk of infection.

Besides, it is definitely not wise to douche if you suspect you are pregnant, because in very rare cases douching can introduce air into your circulatory system through the vagina and cause an air embolism that can be life threatening.

Try to fill your day with other things, and when your period is late check with a pregnancy test.

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