Child Birth Videos

Child birth videos are sometimes like magic. They can help you to look inside and find your best options for delivery.

Every mother has a single wish to have a healthy and happy baby. That is why mothers look for safety in birth and do their best to prevent any complication. Our industrial society has created a distorted view of the past that death in childbirth was common, and the medically managed childbirth is the achievement of technology and medicine to prevent death in birth. Little is known that after the first world war the percentage of death in childbirth decreased in the Sweden and Norway due to educational campaign of the midwifes, while births took place at home. At the same time in USA, Great Britain and the greatest part of Western Europe, where births started happening in hospitals the rates of birth mortality did not lower much.

This statistics prove that birth is safe at home, and the prevention is related mainly to cleanliness and proper care of the mother and baby after birth.

As Grantly Dick-Read, author of Childbirth without Fear writes, "Faith, if she is a believer, is the secret to having a healthy baby and being a happy mother." You can see the faith of women giving birth at home in the child birth videos.

Mothers who give birth alone or in the presence of their partner, experience easy and joyous birth. This is witnessed in the child birth videos of home births. The woman body is perfectly fit for delivering the baby. The only thing that is needed is to be left alone, to have courage and patience.

The child birth videos show how mothers who are physically and psychologically healthy give birth easily.

Women giving birth unassisted or at home, later say that this was one of the most fulfilling moments in their lives. Birth in its essence is an experience running through all our body, mind, emotions, and soul and imprints a memory which can transform our life.

Watch child birth videos and find your way to birth.

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