Free Vaginal Child Birth Video

Free vaginal child birth video is a nice way to get prepared for one's birth. Vaginal birth is the natural way to go. In both my pregnancies I have read a lot of birthing stories, watched digital pictures and videos and they formed an image in my mind which helped me to deliver in the way I want.

Birthing as any other major event in life is a manifestation of our intentions. Whether we believe it or not, our thoughts, feelings, internal images and fantazies shape our experience of birth as nothing else. Watching a free vaginal child birth video can help to better visualize our own birth? Visualization is a great technique to develop positive expectations about birth. I have noticed that I cannot watch hospital births; it hurts me when I see the pain of mothers. Knowing how the body naturally produces endorphin and makes the pushing stage a joyful dream-like experience rather than a nightmare, I regret that so many women miss this moment by resorting to analgesics, sedatives, epidural or caesarean out of fear and lack of information.

Vaginal child birth is the safest type of birth. If the right position of the body is chosen and the conditions are mother-friendly, this birth will be remembered as a time of inspiration and empowerment, rather than as a close shaves.

Watch this free vaginal child birth video in water. This is a home birth. The whole family is sharing the experience with the mother. The father and the children are allowed to be in the birthing pool. The father is comforting his wife and is actively involved in the whole process. There is also a doula. Some people consider the presence of a doula a factor of safety and comfort. Often the doula is a birthing coach of the pregnant woman and her presence at birth is reassuring. When there is a relationship of trust and empathy between the birthing mother and the doula, her presence s welcomed. Spiritually aware and conscious doula is unobtrusive and provides only the necessary help, refraining from any intervention. They understand the natural process of birth and follow its pattern the way they have thought the mother to follow it.

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