Graphic Vaginal Birth Video

Do you want to see how the baby's head crowns? A graphic vaginal birth video shows how a baby gets out into this world from the birthing canal.

Watch the video below. This is a graphic vaginal birth video of natural delivery. The video captures how the baby's head makes an appearance through the vaginal opening with each contraction. You can see clearly the moment when the baby's head becomes visible and does not slip back in. This moment is known as crowning.

Mothers experience differently the crowning of their babies. As it can be seen in this graphic vaginal birth video, pushing is very intense. I was anticipating and longing for the crowning. I could feel the head of my daughter as I was supporting the perineum. She was coming to and fro inside as in a sway. Moving an inch forward and receding back. It was like a dance, a slow swinging motion, with a rhythm of a calm tide. There was enough time for me to go with the natural ebb and flow of my body's hormones. Endorphins (similar in structure to opium) were released, and I did not feel any pain at all. I felt the intensity of the urge to push and did only what my body dictated without interfering with it. Due to the effects of this hormone, I had no perception of time and space.

During the transition phase, the uterus changed its function from opening the cervix to pushing the baby out. At this moment, the contractions are long and relentless. Now, endorphins reach their peak, allowing the mother to manage her pain and focus on delivery of her baby. When the baby head's crowns, there might be a burning or stinging sensation. I did not feel it with my first birth, but I did with the second. It was very short and completely bearable. Some refer to it as "the ring of fire". The moment when the baby stretches the vaginal opening is experienced differently. If you feel this burning sensation, it is not that bad, because the sudden rush of the emergency hormone adrenalin will stop the pushing for a while and give you the "rest and be thankful" phase. This is what happened on the delivery of my second daughter. I felt the pain with the vagina opening as the baby's head crowned. The instinctive short shot of fear was a sure sign of the release of adrenalin. I took my break and got a second wind and renewed energy. Then the birth of birth of a baby was just three painless pushes apart.

This graphic vaginal birth video will give you a clear idea what is the pushing and delivery stage of birth. It is a good during this stage to allow the contractions to do the work for you. Make a conscious effort to relax the muscles of the perineal floor (the layers of muscles and tissues between the vagina and rectum). If you feel fear, take the break the rush of adrenalin provide you and focus your energy into deep breathing. Allow your vagina to expand and let the birthing process to continue. You have reached the top, now you have an easy going down and joy with the delivery of the baby.

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