Mother Giving Birth Baby Video

Mother Giving Birth Baby Video is so empowering. This video once again shows the beauty of birth and how lovely it is when a woman relies on herself and nature.

Realizing the nature of birth as an intimate, sexual, social experience, not a medical event, makes us thing more and more about our choices. I have given birth 8 years ago unassisted with my husband and I know that once a mother gives birth spontaneously, she would always prefer giving birth at home with her husband than going to hospitals with strangers.

Birth continues to be a political issue. After years of childbirth education and activism, the forces of money are still capitalizing on birth. It is up to the women to make a change; to voice their needs; to claim their right to give birth in their own way without interference.

As more women see how birth really happens they will know inside that this is for them and make a difference one woman at a time.

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This is an hour and 50 minutes video. You will have the unique chance to see the whole process, and witness the three phases of birth. You will notice the transition between the different periods of labor, delivery and placenta delivery. It is truly a blessing to be able to see such a birth experience.

"Good job :) "

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