Natural Childbirth Video Clip

What if watching a natural childbirth video clip turns your fears upside down? I can see in your eyes the love and hopes of your unborn baby mingled with apprehension and confusion. Having a baby is such a fun, but giving birth seems to be a sacrifice. How can you be inspired to be sacrificed? The most you can do is silently accept it...

What if all these doubts are just a trick of the mind? Nature is not an insatiable god, who wants sacrifice for the blessings it bestows. On the contrary, it serves what you want the way you want it. And here is the secret revealed.

This is a natural childbirth in hospital. It is graphic. It is very calm and the mother is very relaxed and welcoming the birth

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Natural child birth is an epitome of your thoughts. You get exactly what you want, exactly what you entertain in your mind about birth. Knowingly, or unknowingly, every thought you have is shaping your birth experience.

All the pictures and images you have about birth mingle into a unique single experience. Too many people have allowed their fears to dominate which made birth painful. Then they blamed Nature for this. But the truth is that you are the stage producer. You run the show. You are the script writer.

Watching a natural childbirth video clip you will see a model of a liberating experience. What you see is not a coincidence; it is shaped by the thoughts of the mother. I know it, because I have been through it. Experienced it every second and I have recognized my thoughts come true in this special moment.

So watch a natural birth celebration and enjoy it!

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