I have had three unassisted chidbirths and know the magic of this absoutely amazing experience. I have always been in awe of the workings of nature and the magnificent abilities of the woman's body. This is a really transforming spiritual experience, depending on the mindset of the mother.

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Unassisted Childbirth Watch Online Unassisted Childbirth Watch Online
Look at this magnificent birth. This woman was really very well prepared. She realized that even a well-meaning advice and monitoring can hinder he natural birth process, when the mother is so sensitive to the presence of people and energies.

birth-video-clips Unassisted Childbirth Video Clip
Laura Shanley is an inspiration to so many women who want to give an easy natural birth at home without medical assistance. What I like about this interview is that it explains perfectly the way the mind effects birth.

birth-video-clips Unassisted Childbirth Video Graphic
This is the unassisted birth of Jaime Maxim. He was born in 10 minutes after 27 hours of labor. He weighs 8b 14 oz and is 20 1/2 inches long.

birth-video-clips Serene Birth
In the unassisted childbirth stories videos play a role. People are documenting their experience in order to help for a culture change. As more and more women become aware of their option to give birth in ease and joy without assistance, there will be greater peace, less trauma and more harmony in our families and the world.

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In the section of unassisted childbirth video youtube contains a treasury of new clips. Seeing videos like this is great, because the mind makes a big difference in giving birth.

Childbirth Delivery Video Clio Giving Birth
That was so...powerful. Unbelieveable. Compare this to some of the other births! Well that is how i will be giving birth for sure.

Birth Videos Unassisted Home Water Childbirth Video
This is unassited home water childbirth video. I call it unassisted, because the midwife did not interfere in any way. She gave no suggestions, no instructions, no advice.

Childbirth Video Unassisted Water Birth
This unassisted natural childbirth video shows how unassisted the body of a woman can give birth and have her baby in her own arms. Love is all you need and trust.

Childbirth Video Clips Unassisted Natural Childbirth Videos
These unassisted natural childbirth videos are truly changing the culture paradigm. Thanks to all the women who made the research and prepared themselves for unassisted birth, now more and more women are able to see how birth is meant to be..

Video of Childbirth

Unassisted Video Childbirth

Unassisted video childbirth is so empowering. This video once again shows the beauty of birth and how lovely it is when a woman relies on herself and nature.

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