Video of Childbirth

This video of childbirth shows an accomplishment. Childbirth is the beginning of personal transformation. No matter how little it may seem in the beginning, the birth has deep imprints in a woman's psyche.

When a childbirth experience was fulfilling it becomes a sound foundation for personal growth. Having felt capable of this success, you welcome the next success in life. Each success builds upon the one before. Childbirth creates a momentum. You have achieved a major goal. Your body worked perfectly in tune with nature. Suddenly, momentum is on your side.

Put that momentum to work by starting a project, something you like, but did not have time for. See how the momentum grows even stronger with your little successes.

Starting with childbirth, you can make your small steps in a positive direction, instead of sliding backwards.

Once you feel that you can, you get in the habit of achievement. There is no limit to where it can take you.

Watch this video of childbirth. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video of childbirth is worth a million. Feel the power of the woman giving birth. Feel her attitude and make your own choices.

This video of childbirth is graphic. There are some pictures with nudity.

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